Fergie Celebrity Upskirts

April 26, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

I can’t believe I haven’t yet posted any celebrity upskirts of Stacy Ann Ferguson or Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. She wears such short skirts and sexy stuff on stage that you know she gives plenty of upskirts but so does she so she usually wears some sort of full-protection shorts. But not in this first picture. Those are some very cool looking diagonal striped panties with what looks like a sheer panel above the opaque crotch. It doesn’t look like a regular concert set up and so she’s probably been caught off guard in a real celebrity accidental upskirt.

The second shot, at some old VH1 function reminds me of the Lisa Snowdon shots I just showed you. Like Lisa, Fergie’s wearing an otherwise fairly conservative dress with a very high slit that’s open to show here blue or grey panties. So not technically a celebrity “upskirt” but if panties are showing it’s good enough to post here.

And the last shot is, if course not even any short of a skirt or panty picture but it’s probably Fergie’s most infamous moment on stage. It goes way back to 2005 and, yes, she really did piss herself onstage. About the San Diego incident, Fergie told Scotland’s Daily Record, “I had a few drinks before going on stage, but I didn’t think to go to the bathroom. “We were jumping around – it was all very rock and roll – and my bladder just started. you know.” Personally, I think it’s a classic example of “the show must go on,” spirit.

Of course, I did my wikipedia lookup of Fergie. Outside of being able to shower with her for $12 or step on her on a daily basis, the coolest thing I found was that she was the voice of Sally in a couple of Charlie Brown TV specials. So look at the Fergie celebrity upskirts here, and then read her Tweets, buy her shoes or smell like a star.

Celebrity Upskirts of Sophie Monk

April 24, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is a nice little celebrity upskirt series of Sophie Monk at a photoshoot somewhere in the TMZ. She’s sharing what looks like a delicious and healthy chicken salad with someone’s bulldog while she shows us her white panties right up what appears to be a robe. This, of course, begs the question as to whether Sophie is even wearing a skirt or anything else but the panties under the robe. And she appears to favor plain white panties with not a hint of lace or color in sight.

It would have been much better if she had been out in the sunlight with the beastie where here panties would have been better lighted. But it’s obvious that Sophie doesn’t know that the photographer is capturing her panties and asking her to move into the light so he could do a better job of it could possibly have ended with the dog lunching on him. But who knows, maybe these were supposed to just be lunch with the dog shots and aren’t even intentional upskirts.

I, of course, had to look up Sophie Monk in wikipedia after looking up her skirt. In wiki’s main picture with the black dress, Sophie strikes me as looking like a Botox-ed Fergie (which reminds me to post something of her) as much an anything. Looking at her bio and filmography, she seems to have recently been trapped in direct-to-DVD hell, although of no apparent fault of her own that various producers ran out of money or problem solving skills. These are the only celebrity upskirt pictures of Sophie Monk that I could find but you can follow her on her own site or Twitter if you want to know more.

Kayleigh Pearson Celebrity Upskirt

April 22, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is a very nice celebrity upskirt of Kayleigh Pearson in lacy black panties. Just a quick aside before we get to the meat of it, can you imagine the noise volume in a van full of young women like that? Gotta be worse than when I used to drive a school bus full of elementary school kids. Interestingly enough for a woman who routinely shows off her various body parts, this is the only upskirt I could easily find for Kayleigh Pearson.  Kayleigh’s Twitter feed recently stated that she doesn’t model any more and her personal site is now closed. So I’m not sure how it is exactly that she makes a living. She does have enough money for nice panties as we can see from this upskirt picture, the black lace being a refreshing change from some of the plain beige we’ve been seeing from others.  Maybe her secret is  Facebook.

But perhaps news of Kayleigh’s career demise are greatly exaggerated and she’s off on some absolutely fabulous new endeavor. Even if not, she’s had an extended fifteen minutes as the girl of the moment beginning with winning FHM magazine’s “High Street Honeys” competition back in 2003. When I think of a competition for something like that I think of some sort of perverted Miss America thing with categories like “least perceptible cosmetic surgery, best swaying ass and, of course, most natural looking upskirt for the paps. For some reason, however, I think my fantasies greatly exceed reality and that the competition is just some sort of reader voting. So enjoy this celebrity upskirt of Kayleigh Pearson because fame is fleeting.

Kayleigh Pearson Accidental Upskirt

Lisa Snowdon Celebrity Upskirt

April 20, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Here’s a wonderful celebrity upskirt of George Clooney’s ex, Lisa Snowdon in what someone my age would call a slinky red gown. She looks damn fine for forty as the pics were taken at her birthday party in January. And even though the panties up Lisa Snowdon’s skirt are plain beige, they appear to be very sheer with the dark of a little landing strip visible behind. Lisa joins Mallika Sherawat, LeAnn Rimes, Miranda Kerr and others I’ve posted here who all got a quick lesson in the geometry of long skirts with high slits.

When I first saw the name “Snowdon” I immediately thought of the Earl of Snowdon but quickly understood that the name is not really the same and that Lisa does her work in front of the camera. She does, however, work behind the microphone on Capital FM’s “Capital Breakfast.” I assume then that her voice is as good as her looks. Where I used to live there was a female morning drive time DJ who had a wonderfully sultry voice and I fantasized about a body to match. That ended in a hurry when I learned that she was actually a fat lesbian.

But Lisa Snowdon in this celebrity upskirt picture is certainly everything but a fat lesbian. You can go follow her on Twitter or, if you really have a thing, go to her site and buy a Lisa Snowdon “Mouse Mat.”

Lisa Snowdon Accidental Upskirt

Tila Tequila Celebrity Upskirt

April 18, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Some celebrities have very few, if any, celebrity upskirt pictures floating around. Either they don’t go out much or they’ve figured out how to sit and to get in and out of cars without showing their panties to the world. And then there are the ones like Lindsay and Brit Brit who have retired or are attempting to retire. And then Paris, who I’ve said before strikes me as completely calculating in her upskirt shows, mostly I think to get some attention so she can sell something and make more money.

And then there’s Tila Tequila who is a league of her own when it comes to celebrity upskirts and nip slips and just blatant shows of skin. Like these Tila Tequila upskirt pictures here. There’s nothing candid or accidental about them. Tila’s just showing us her panties like a drunken coed on spring break just for the thrill of being naughty. Tila knows exactly what she’s doing here.

I understand that Tila Tequila has recently been through rehab and perhaps that will calm her down with the displays of panties and skin. On one hand, I sincerely hope she beats back her demons and gets well but on the other hand I think she’s pretty hot and will always welcome the opportunity to see yet another new Tila Tequila upskirt. Maybe she’ll wear some nice lace panties next time.

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Celebrity Upskirt

April 16, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is the controversial celebrity upskirt of Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana herself. “So why is this Miley Cyrus upskirt picture controversial” you ask. It’s a pantyless, bare pussy upskirt of her getting into her car somewhere in the TMZ. Well, not so fast with that pantyless thing because that’s where the controversy enters the picture. First, you probably know that every celebrity site and blog is running this picture, it’s too good to not use. Some of them that lead toward sensationalism are touting it as pantyless because everything up there looks the same color and they assume that we’re seeing bare labia. Other sites, some of which are quite reliable in these matters, are calling it a beige or peach colored panty upskirt. So the question becomes, are the vertical folds that we see skin or fabric?

Personally, I vote for the fabric of panties. In reality, despite all the fantasies, there are very, very few women running around out there during the daytime without underwear. Especially people like Miley who know they’ll be followed by a pap scrum everywhere they go. Second, she’s wearing a bra. It makes no sense whatsoever to take time to put on a bra but not panties. Plus, pantiless and braless are found together like peanut butter and jelly. Perhaps the photographer has a better quality image that will tell us with certainty whether this celebrity upskirt of Miley Cyrus is pantiles or just skin colored panties. No matter, with the way Miley has been flaunting her body lately, I think it’s only a matter of a short time before we see a full spread Britney or Lindsay style pantiless upskirt of Miley Cyrus.

Personally, I’d much rather look at Miley that listen or red but, if you must, you can go here to read her Tweets or her to see her on Facebook.

Miley Cyrus Accidental Upskirt

Blake Lively Celebrity Upskirt

April 14, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is the only decent celebrity upskirt picture I could find of Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively. It’s a few years old and judging by the radio on the belt of the guy in the foreground it was taken on the set of something or another. Of course, we’ve all seen the nude pictures of a woman who is claimed to be her that came out last summer. I don’t have any inside information about them but if it walks like a duck… But this blog is about high quality celebrity upskirts so this is the one and only I could find of Blake Lively. There are a couple other pictures that people claim to be upskirts. They’re definitely of Blake but a tiny triangle of what may be black panties or a pair of tight knit shorts under a windblown skirt are not celebrity upskirts as we define them here. Simply not worth the time to post.

This isn’t the most revealing picture itself but I decided to post it if only because Blake’s wearing some nice lace panties as several of our recent subjects have. I can’t tell if it’s a thong or bikini but no matter, panties is panties as far as we’re concerned here.

I will probably never see Blake Lively act as Gossip Girl and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants are just not m kind of thing. Plus, she was ill informed enough to make a promo for Barry’s failed presidency back in 2008, which is probably what we should expect from someone who grew up in a show biz family. At the moment, seeing Blake Lively’s lace panties in this celebrity upskirt picture is enough for me.

Blake Lively Accidental Upskirt

Diane Kruger Celebrity Upskirt

April 12, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is a very nice series of celebrity upskirt pictures of German actress Diane Kruger. Most of you may know here from National Treasure, Troy or, my favorite, Inglourious Basterds. We see very few sitting upskirts where the subject is sitting somewhere other than in a vehicle and gives us such a full view of her panties. This one of Jessica Lowndes is another example of a non-vehicle celebrity sitting upskirt with full panty details.

These upskirt pictures of Diane Kruger are curious in that they were supposedly taken during Film Festival week in Cannes when the paparazzi travel in huge swarms around every celebrity. It’s a natural assumption for someone like Diane that her picture will be taken anywhere, anytime she appears in public but yet she’s very open about showing us her panties. She doesn’t even seem to be exercising the normal level of caution a woman would while wearing a dress around anyone else. Perhaps these were taken at a distance through a very long lens and Diane never expected anyone to have an upskirt angle on her. This is very possible as the poor quality of the pictures suggests severe cropping of a much larger image. It’s obvious that she’s talking to people on her side who would not have the right perspective for seeing up her dress. Like I said, very curious. If you’re curious about Diane Kruger, without the upskirt views, you can go to a fansite here. She seems t have resisted the temptation for Facebook and Twitter.

Millie Macintosh Celebrity Upskirt

April 10, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

What we have here are a couple of celebrity upskirt pictures of Millie Macintosh as she leaves a party for “The Look” magazine in London. The Look is, I’m certain, not the same as “Look” magazine which used to be important back in the days when it competed with “Life.” And then television happened and that was that for Look and Life. But I digress while waxing nostalgic thinking of the stockings, garter belts and girdles that used to be seen with the rare celebrity upskirt back then.

We don’t know much about Millie other than her fine taste in white lace thongs. Much, much better than those plain beige things that appear all to often or Emma Watson’s white granny panties. Even though the various Lad magazines agree that she’s hot, there’s not much information on her out there. The only thing wikipedia has is a page for her the TV show she’s in, Made in Chelsea, which is apparently quite a hit. And also one of our first Brit celebrity upskirts in a while of someone who’s on a “real” rather than “reality” TV show. If you’re a fanatic you can follow Millie’s Tweets or get her fashion and makeup advice but I prefer to just gaze at Millie Macintosh’s cute little lace thong up her skirt in these celebrity upskirt pictures.

Courtney Cox Celebrity Upskirt

April 8, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Courtney Cox continues my little lace panty series here with these celebrity upskirt pictures of her getting in or out of a car somewhere in the Thirty Mile Zone. I have a weird history of being a Courtney Cox fan. I first got a hardon for her in 1984 as the girl Bruce pulls onstage in the Dancing in the Dark music video. I even found out her name back then, which was much more difficult in pre-internet days. And then I was the only one who knew here name for ten years until Friends hit and then I never saw a single episode. And I’ve never seen her in anything on TV since and only saw here in Ace Ventura Pet Detective and with the other six people in 3000 Miles to Graceland. And I can’t remember her saying the word “period” in a 1985 Tampax ad which was apparently quite scandalous in those days. I still can’t explain my fascination with Courtney Cox for all my disinterest in seeing her.

Except, of course, seeing up Courtney Cox’s skirt. That I’ll go out of my way to do any time, especially when she’s wearing a sexy black lace thong like she is here. I don’t quite understand what’s going on here in her head. She’s obviously aware of wearing a skirt and obviously aware of the pap with the big camera and flash right in front of her but yet she’s not making much of an effort to keep her knees together as if she’s intentionally showing us an upskirt view. But yet she doesn’t have her legs spread wide like the reality TV women begging for attention. Like I said, I’m not quite sure what Courtney Cox is thinking her but what she’s doing is giving us a most excellent celebrity upskirt.