Laura Carmichael Celebrity Up Skirt

March 23, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity up skirt from Laura Carmichael is a breath of fresh air for this little blog. You see, it’s an accidental up skirt from a Brit who isn’t on a reality TV show. As best as I can tell, although a newcomer, Laura Carmichael is a serious actress in a serious costume drama TV series. I can’t even call it a Brit show as Downton Abbey is a coproduction from Carnival Films in the UK and WGBH in Boston and airs on both ITV and PBS. Supposed to be the biggest and best period costume drama since Brideshead Revisited.

Speaking of costumes, let’s talk for a bit about Laura Carmichael’s in this up skirt picture. What I think is happening is that Laura is concentrating on getting her arms up to protect herself from a downblouse shot while forgetting about her legs and these excellent up skirts. Not precisely a case of unintended consequences but some sort of corollary. As one cheeky commenter called it, “It’s no good covering your cleavage up love if I can see the thong up your fanny right up your skirt.”

Let’s also talk about Laura Carmichael’s choice of panties for this up skirt. She’s continuing the recent trend of boring beige. There are probably good reasons why so many celebrities are wearing beige panties but they’re just not as much fun to see as bright colors or good old virginal white. As a slight saving grace, however, Laura Carmichael’s beige panties up her skirt appear to have at least a hint of lace like Brooke Mueller’s rather than full boring beige like LeAnn Rimes’.

Laura Carmichael Accidental Upskirt