Jessica Alba Celebrity Up Skirt

April 6, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Some of the celebrity up skirt pictures I post here are a few years old but once in a while I can give you fresh new ones. Like this celebrity up skirt of Jessica Alba taken earlier this month at a Lanvin fashion show. Fashion shows are great places to see up skirts if you’re into the little triangle thing as we just saw with Mischa Barton. Jessica is supposed to be very careful with her skirts and legs and this up skirt of her is considered to be quire rare.

In my mind, the most interesting question here is whether or not Jessica practices and wears what she preaches and sells. According to Jessica’s wikipedia entry, “In January 2012, Alba and business partner Chris Gavigan launched The Honest Company, a collection of toxin-free household goods, diapers, and body care products. In March 2012, Alba announced that she will be releasing a book, The Honest Life, based on her experiences creating a natural, non-toxic life for her family.” The only two possible toxin-free and natural fibers for panties are cotton and silk. And because cotton panties don’t come in intricate patterns like Jessica’s these are silk if she does what she prescribes for others. While people talk about silk panties, they are, in the field, quite rare but we’ll never know. In any case, enjoy this celebrity up skirt of Jessica Alba and check her out on Twitter and Facebook (log in first) to see how she does promoting her products and book.

Jessica Alba Accidental Upskirt


Kendra Wilkinson Celebrity Up Skirt

April 4, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity up skirt picture is of reality TV’s most honest star, Kendra Wilkinson. In a recent article at, Kendra stated “I just say what I do. I have no talent. I have nothing to offer.” And in another bit of honest assessment that’s sure to piss off plenty of other reality stars, Kendra said,”I never ever see myself as a celebrity or famous so I poke fun at that.” Amazing, someone with a sense of humor about themselves in a world filled with the terribly famous and important. I get the same sense of bemused, laughing all the way to the bank, feeling from Paris Hilton too. They know it’s all a big joke but they’ll show us some up skirts if it helps keep them in the spotlight and keeps the money flowing.

Speaking of money flowing, I believe that Kendra, Snooki, Paris, etc., have discovered the secrets of modern day alchemy, the transmutation of a little exposure into ongoing fame and fortune. Actually, in the case of Kendra, it was a whole lot of exposure as Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend and three features in the magazine that got her started and now two books, a marriage to a pro athlete and a TV series or two she’s still honest enough to admit that it’s all one big joke on the public. I like this woman.

I believe this picture was taken on the beach at Malibu. And while Kendra is not unaccustomed or shy about going without panties in front of cameras, I think this pantiless celebrity up skirt is reasonably candid. If you want to follow the continuing alchemy that is Kendra Wilkinson’s life you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Kendra Wilkinson Accidental Upskirt

Imogen Thomas Celebrity Up Skirt

April 2, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

These celebrity up skirt pictures of Imogen Thomas reminds me of Memorex audio tape’s old tag line, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Does anyone even remember audio tape and I don’t mean cassettes either? In any case, the question at hand is, is it candid or is it posed or some combination. We much, much prefer candid celebrity up skirt pictures and nearly all of them here are just that. With possibly the exception of some of Paris’s, and I’ve discussed the idea earlier that she seem to know exactly what she’s showing us. These wind blown up skirts of Imogen are just too perfect to be completely candid. They imply that the wind blew her skirt up just perfectly at least three times and the photographer was ready at least three times. Sorry, but that doesn’t happen in the real world.

But I’m not necessarily saying that these up skirt shots of Imogen Thomas are completely posed either. My theory, and only my theory, is that she and the photographer stumbled on a windy spot with the perfect updrafts and then decided to take advantage of the situation. Rather than being taken within seconds of each other, as the sequence implies, I’d guess that they worked on these for a while in order to get just the right shots.

In any case, I won’t turn down the upportunity to post some well lit and focused celebrity up skirts whether posed or candid. I’m getting tired of all of these Brit reality-TV girls so you can go read about Imogen here or follow her Tweets or like her on Facebook. You can even buy some of her presumably used clothes but unfortunately no panties.

Frankie Sandford Celebrity Up Skirt

March 31, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity up skirt of Frankie Sandford brings together a couple of themes you’ve seen throughout this little blog. Which, by the way, is moving up the front page of google for “celebrity upskirt” so thank you all for visiting. Frankie is a member of The Saturdays with Rochelle Wiseman, whose celebrity up skirt you’ve seen here. Even better, these up skirt shots of Frankie were taken at Rochelle’s 21st birthday party, where Amelle Berrabah showed us a pantiless celebrity up skirt. Something about girls who sing together show us their panties together.

This up skirt moment of Frankie Sandford’s also fits out ongoing these of celebrities in sheer panties as you’ve seen with Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Alex Curran. Much nicer and sexier than the plain cotton ones we see so many women like Victoria Beckham flashing up their skirts these days.

If I was a pap I would make sure to show up at any time and location with Frankie or any of the girls from The Saturdays as they sure look like a celebrity up skirt hunter’s dream.

Frankie Sandford Accidental Up Skirt




























Kim Kardashian Celebrity Upskirt

March 29, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

I just discovered that I had not posted any celebrity up skirt shots of Kim Kardashian, the reigning queen of American reality TV celebrities. I got so caught up with all of the minor, and I mean handful of episodes and canceled, Brit reality “stars” that I almost forgot about Kim. Perhaps because the minor ones are still hungry for publicity of any type while Kim Kardashian is at the pinnacle of reality TV success.

History is filed with examples of pupils surpassing their mentors. Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon as one example. Here, it’s Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. According to wikipedia, they were friends when Paris introduced Kim to the socialite scene and got her going. Now, Kim has far surpassed Paris in the two most important objective measures of celebrity success, Twitter followers ( 14,231,934 for Kim and 6,527,410 for Paris) and Facebook likes. Kim even gets over four time the number of google hits as Paris with 660,000,000 vs Paris’s 151,000,000.

I think the only area where Paris still holds the lead over Kim is in sextape earnings and the number of celebrity up skirts on there on the web. Up skirt shots of Kim are still pretty rare while there are dozens, if not hundreds, of Paris Hilton up skirts to be found. Kim needs to get busy because we want to see more like this Kim Kardashian celebrity up skirt.

Kim Kardashian Accidental Upskirt

Mallika Sherawat Celebrity Upskirt

March 27, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

If you want to argue about it, these pictures of Bollywood’s Mallika Sherawat on a red carpet somewhere are not technically a celebrity up skirt. It’s more like an “unwapped” skirt moment like we just saw with LeAnn Rimes. This particular pap got a nice piece of butt cheek but missed the up skirt money shot from the front but I’m sure one of the multitudes you can see in the background got the full monty. Any of them on their knees definitely got a lens full.

Mallika is another celeb I had to look up on wikipedia after I saw these up skirt pictures of her. Unfortunately, her article doesn’t tell me much other than her past is a bit mysterious, she’s been in a bunch of Bollywood films and she’s trying to break into Hollywood but has not so far been in anytning you’re probably seen.

No matter, if this red carpet up skirt performance is any indication, we’ll be seeing much more of the parts of Mallika Sherawat that we want to see.  Maybe she’ll even Tweet about them or tell us about them on Facebook.

Mallika Sherawat Accidental Upskirt






















Mallika Sherawat Accidental Upskirt Ass


Layla Flaherty Celebrity Up Skirt

March 25, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

I normally post the single best celebrity upskirt for each celeb, sometimes two if they’re really good shots like the ones for LeAnn Rimes. But for Layla Flaherty of the much maligned and quickly canceled Desperate Scousewives, it was impossible to pick the single best upskirt or even the best two or three. For pure celebrity up skirt proliferation I vote for Layla Flaherty even over Britney Spears during the worst of Brit’s times.

Regarding one of these celebrity up skirt episodes, one wag described the evening as “Layla does London – with as Much Grace as a Giraffe on Ketamine!” Layla herself admits that alcohol was involved in her Tweet, “Grey goose is my enemy!!!!!!” No Layla, you’re the enemy, the vodka was just a weapon you used against yourself.

Considering that the show has been canceled I don’t think we’ll be seeing Layla for that much longer so enjoy these while you can. I’m not a big fan of black panties so I’m not the most thrilled about those up skirt shots, even if they’re pretty revealing. I do, however, like the ones in the pink dress where she’s kind enough to show us both front and back up her skirt. That’s kind of a poufy-looking thing like the one that Adrienne Bailon recently embarrassed herself wearing. But my favorite celebrity up skirts of Layla are the ones of her in the outfit with the black lace top. The expression on the face of the doorman as he carries her is priceless. As is the shot of her in the vehicle with the tampon string hanging out. I think it’s the only celebrity up skirt with a tampon string that I’ve ever seen.




Laura Carmichael Celebrity Up Skirt

March 23, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity up skirt from Laura Carmichael is a breath of fresh air for this little blog. You see, it’s an accidental up skirt from a Brit who isn’t on a reality TV show. As best as I can tell, although a newcomer, Laura Carmichael is a serious actress in a serious costume drama TV series. I can’t even call it a Brit show as Downton Abbey is a coproduction from Carnival Films in the UK and WGBH in Boston and airs on both ITV and PBS. Supposed to be the biggest and best period costume drama since Brideshead Revisited.

Speaking of costumes, let’s talk for a bit about Laura Carmichael’s in this up skirt picture. What I think is happening is that Laura is concentrating on getting her arms up to protect herself from a downblouse shot while forgetting about her legs and these excellent up skirts. Not precisely a case of unintended consequences but some sort of corollary. As one cheeky commenter called it, “It’s no good covering your cleavage up love if I can see the thong up your fanny right up your skirt.”

Let’s also talk about Laura Carmichael’s choice of panties for this up skirt. She’s continuing the recent trend of boring beige. There are probably good reasons why so many celebrities are wearing beige panties but they’re just not as much fun to see as bright colors or good old virginal white. As a slight saving grace, however, Laura Carmichael’s beige panties up her skirt appear to have at least a hint of lace like Brooke Mueller’s rather than full boring beige like LeAnn Rimes’.

Laura Carmichael Accidental Upskirt

Frankie Essex Pantiless Celebrity Up Skirt

March 21, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Frankie Essex gives us a celebrity pantiless up skirt here that doesn’t really show us all that much. Yes, there’s quite a bit of golden triangle and, yes, there’s much more hair that I expected to see in these days of obsessive shaving and waxing but she doesn’t show us any more that what we might see with a really low riding bikini or pair of jeans. Lizzie Cundy did the same thing to us. You see the post title and “pantiless” and you expect the whole enchilada, but no. Just some untanned skin and a little hair. How awfully inconsiderate of them to us celebrity up skirt hunters. We want it all, damn it, and we want someone else to pay. (That part is true for all of you perverts looking at free computers in libraries.)

The first I heard of Frankie Essex was when someone sent me this picture. Which is not unusual for a Brit reality TV person. What I found is that she appears to be one more Brit equivalent of a cross between Brandi Glanville and Snooki. Snooki because Frankie is a cast member in a reality show but not necessarily the main attraction. And Brandi because, like Brandi, Frankie doesn’t even rate her own wikipedia page. She’s listed on The Only Way Is Essex’s page just like Brandi is with one Desperate Housewife or another. The common theme among them, of course, is that they all have given us excellent up skirt shots.

If you wish to keep up with the details of Frankie Essex’s life you can follow here on Twitter or Like her on Facebook but I personally will just wait for more Frankie Essex celebrity up skirts in my inbox. Up skirts are for reality show stars the equivalent of the old Lays Potato Chips advertising slogan. “Bet you can’t show just one up skirt.” In this case it’s probably a safe bet.

Frankie Essex Pantyless Celebrity Up Skirt

Victoria Beckham Posh Spice Celebrity Up Skirt

March 19, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Kudos to the photographer of this celebrity up skirt shot of Victoria Beckham, formerly informally known as Posh Spice. It’s well-focused, although a little more depth of field would be nice for her face and it’s nicely exposed in both definitions of that word. It’s a nicely exposed up skirt in the photographic sense of the word and it’s a nicely exposed upskirt in the pervert’s sense of the word as we get to see a whole lot of her black panties. My only complaint is that I wish she had worn white or any other color but that’s certainly not the photog’s fault. They do, however, look nicely sheer and I’m sure that the original high resolution image could show us the skill of whoever does her laser or waxing work.

There’s at least one up skirt of Victoria Beckham on youtube and a few other photos with white panties but this one is definitely the best and most exposed shot of her. I’m sure that are more from the Spice Girls days but they’d be very low resolution from back then.

Here’s an interesting question about Victoria in her new career as a dress merchant. I wonder how many up skirt pictures, celebrity or otherwise, have been taken of other women wearing Victoria Beckham dresses. She appears to be taking her new career seriously as most of her Tweets to over three million followers are about her line or fashion in general.

Posh Spice up skirt