Brooke Mueller Celebrity Upskirt

March 17, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

When I saw the first picture of this Brooke Mueller celebrity upskirt series I thought “damn, another hot celebrity upskit with plain panties.” We’ve seen them too many times before as I’ve shown you. But then I saw the second picture and notices that Brooke’s panties have a lace front. Saved from boring by a bit of lace. But these are such delicious spread-legged celebrity upskirts that I wouldn’t even care if Brooke Mueller was wearing white cotton granny panties.

According to Brooke’s Wikipedia entry, her mother married an unnamed billionaire shortly after Brooke was born. Brooke, of course, married Charlie Sheen. I know nothing about how her mother’s marriage turned out but I am certain that Brooke had the wilder ride in her marriage to Sheen. The word “police” just plays too big of a role in their brief time together.

If you read TMZ or the tabs you know that Brooke is another young woman who’s trying to beat her demons and, as with the others, I sincerely wish her to be successful. Getting her act together severely curtailed the number of Britney upskirt sightings and it may do the same for Brooke but that’s okay with me because sober is better and there are always new exhibitionists coming along. And I mean you, Selena Gomez, bending over in a skirt on the Malibu beach.

Brooke Mueller Accidental Up skirt

Brooke Mueller Accdental Upskirt

Nicollette Sheridan Celebrity Upskirt

March 15, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Like so many of the upskirt panty-flashing celebrities I post here, I was not aware of the existence of Nicollette Sheridan until her showing us her very nice little white lace thong and some labia major.

I never watched Knots Landing, I’ve never watched Desperate Housewives and I’ve never willingly listened to either a Lief Garrett or a Michael Bolton song. But I was a religious watcher of LA Law, mostly because I had a crush on Susay Dey since her Partridge Family days. You probably need some explanations there’s don’t you? According to Wikipedia, “From 1979 to 1985, Sheridan dated singer and actor Leif Garrett.” And Michael Bolton was a boyfriend. As for the LA Law connection, Nicollette was married to one of its stars, Harry Hamlin, for a couple of years in the early ’90s. What I find more interesting is that her half-brother is the son of Telly Savalas, Kojak himself.

What I find much more cool than all of the Hollywood connections, however, is this fabulous 2009 upskirt of Nicollette Sheridan. Whe’s wearing a white, my favorite color, lace thong and there’s some lip hanging out. Really, what more can we ask for a perfect celebrity upskirt shot?

Nicollette Sheridan Celebrity Panties

Jennifer Anniston Celebrity Upskirt

March 12, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

I know, this celebrity up skirt picture of Jennifer Anniston is not the knees-wide-open shot you’ve become accustomed to seeing here. It’s just not a very revealing upskirt. But it’s a Jennifer Anniston upskirt and, because she’s very careful about how she wears skirts and doesn’t make it a practice to go out and get drunk in them, they’re very rare.

I also personally like Jennifer Anniston. I’m not sure why because I’ve never seen an episode of Friends an the only movie of hers that I can remember seeing is Office Space. Which, by the way, is a fine movie. I just like the way she looks, even without looking up her skirt. Speaking of her movies, probably the strangest thing she’s done is, according to Wikipedia, is when “In 1995, Anniston and her Friends co-star Matthew Perry shot a 60-minute instructional video for the release of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 95.” Not sure whether it was how to use or how to sell Windows 95.

I see two interesting things in this picture The first, most obvious one which we can see up here skirt is that Jennifer wears nicely sheer panties. Perhaps even some lace. The second interesting thing is trying to figure out the woman in the blue shirt. She looks like a wardrobe type or perhaps a personal assistant. Definitely not interested in publicity whoever she is.

Oh yeah, one last thing about Jennifer Anniston and her upskirt. She doesn’t have much of an internet presence for the size of her stardom. No apparent site of her own but she does have a Myspace page that hasn’t been updated for a year. And I can’t tell by Twitter names but I don’t think she does much there. And a Community Facebook page with only just over 30,000 likes. Personally, I prefer the live celebrity upskirts anyway.

Jennifer Anniston Accidental Up skirt

LeAnn Rimes Celebrity Upskirt

March 9, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Similar to the shot I just showed you of Adrienne Bailon, this upskirt picture of LeAnn Rimes is more of a windblown around-the-skirt than a true up skirt as in looking up from the hemline. And we’ll assume that LeAnn is wearing some kind of a dress but it also looks like it could be a white dress shirt for a really tall, skinny guy. But you don’t give a shit about definitions and I don’t either. Celebrity panties are celebrity panties however we get them. And however boring they may be as we can see from LeAnn’s plain beige ones.

I’m old enough to remember the beginning of LeAnn’s musical career but I had forgotten the details until just looking them up on Wikipedia. “She is known for her rich vocals and her rise to fame as an eight-year-old champion on the original Ed McMahon version of Star Search, followed by the release of the Bill Mack song “Blue” when she was 13 to become the youngest country music star since Tanya Tucker in 1972.” Who here also remembers both Ed McMahon and Tanya Tucker?

Unlike Britney, one of our favorite and frequent celebrity upskirt offenders whose father seems to have saved her ass, LeAnn’s father seems to have stolen her ass. Or at least a claimed $8 million. Doing my research, I found a whole bunch of recent LeAnn Rimes bikini pictures but no other upskirts. Comparing and contrasting a bit more, this time with Jennifer Anniston, LeAnn Rimes has a very active internet presence with her own site and an active Twitter feed. I’ll be happy if LeAnn Rimes keeps feeding us up skirts or whatever you wish to call them.

LeAnn Rimes Accidental Upskirt

LeAnn Rimes panty Upskirt

Jessica Lowndes Accidental Up Skirt

March 5, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity upskirt of Jessica Lowndes is the first, I think, of the woman lying in the grass or in a park. Most of the accidental upskirts here are like this recent one of Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace with the woman in a vehicle. It’s supposed to have been taken on the set of 90210 but I’m not sure if it was done by the show’s official photographer, which would make him a horndog, or by a pap, who we all know are all horndogs.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I’ve ever seen Jessica as I’m of the Jason Priestly and Shannen Doherty vintage of 90210 and I didn’t even know that Jessica has some records out. But a nice upskirt shot is, in my mind, a perfect introduction and much nicer than the usual head shot.

Doing my usual Wikipedia and IMDB research I found that she’s a Canuck and that she’s been writing and performing music since she was a kid. And I think she’s one of the last six or seven people still on Myspace, mostly for the music, I think.

According to Jessica in her FHM magazine article ( and pretty hot pictures) she’s a big lingerie fan, stating, “’I have three drawers full of lingerie at home and I have already been lingerie shopping in London even though I should be going out and buying more practical clothes.” Unfortunately, the quality of these Jessica Lowndes celebrity upskirt pictures don’t allow us to really see the quality of her pink panties. Lace or not, I can’t tell, but any woman who publicly professes a love of lingerie is all right in my book.

Jessica Lowndes Accidental Up Skirt

Jessica Lowndes Celebrity Upskirt

Adrienne Bailon Celebrity Upskirt

March 5, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

This celebrity upskirt shot of Adrienne Bailon at the March 1, 2012 Total Rewards event in NYC is probably technically more like a “side skirt” or even a “down skirt” or maybe not even a skirt at all. An “up pouf” perhaps? You can argue the nomenclature details among themselves. What I call this is a picture of a great looking young woman who’s showing us more than she planned and so I’m posting it, skirt or no skirt.

The former Disney Cheetah Girl claims that this was a terrible celebrity upskirt accident that brought her to tears. She told Russell Simmons,

“The wind blew and despite what other girls may do, this is really a terrible accident to me. I’m really upset, but I’m even more upset about what my parents might think. I want to be known for my talent. I love the idea of being sexy, but I’ve never been in this business to sell sex, I’ve been in this business to sell my talent. The truth is, when you look at the pictures, you don’t realize that the wind really did blow my dress, and I don’t really know what else to say about it.”

I think the Bard said it best, way back when before the concept of a see-through dress even entered anyone’s mind. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” spoken by Gertrude in Act III of Hamlet. I’m sorry, but any woman who wears a see through dress to a red carpet event that will be buzzing with paps is selling sex. And it’s not that she doesn’t have a little history here too. According to the Herald Sun, “In 2008 The Cheetah Girls were scratched from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after semi-nude photos of Bailon surfaced on the Internet.” So you guys enjoy this up skirt or whatever-skirt this is of Adrienne Bailon while I go find those other shots.

celebrity upskirt shot of Adrienne Bailon

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Celebrity Accidental Up Skirt

March 3, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Okay guys, I’ll give you a double header (or is that “lipper”?) of Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace celebrity upskirts here. I’m learning that she’s a serial offender when it comes to accidental upskirts and, since there’s not that much about her to write about, I’m doubling up on the pictures.

Aisleyne appears to be following along in the great tradition of Jodie Marsh and other Brit pseudo-celebrities, having made her rise to fame “in 2006, when she appeared, and finished third, in the seventh series of reality TV series Big Brother,” according to Wikipedia.

More recently, she appears to have pimped the not-unexpected death of Amy Winehouse into some free publicity for herself as the chief wailing mourner. Kind of like what Bam Whats-His-Name did for some reality guy about the same time frame. Now, I thoroughly admire pseudo-celebs for their ability to make something out of nothing but I draw the line at using the death of a friend to promote oneself

Aisleyne is actually in IMDB but it’s telling that two of her credits are as an actress and 21 as “herself”. She appears to be doing okay on Twitter though, with over 51,000 followers and we can, of course, get everything we want to know about her on Aisleyne dot com. But, seriously, the only two things I really want to know about Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is that she gives great celebrity upskirts that actually appear to be accidental and she wears really nice lace panties. What more can we ask of any nice looking female celebrity, pseudo or not?

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Celebrity Accidental Up Skirt

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Celebrity Up Skirt

Accidental Celebrity Upskirt Tamara Ecclestone

March 1, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

File this accidental upskirt of Tamara Ecclestone under the category of “Celebrity Spawn,” in reference to F1 Czar and daddy Bernie. As the quintessential little-rich-girl, at least she doesn’t disappoint in the panties department as the ones she’s wearing I this upskirt picture look lacy and expensive.

There aren’t many apparent mysteries surrounding Tamara. Why is she a celebrity and why is this picture a celebrity upskirt rather than just an upskirt? The answer is daddy. Or rather, daddy’s money. What does Tamara do for a living? The answer is spend daddy’s money. The only question about her that does not include daddy is where she got her looks. Mommy is definitely the answer there as you can see below.

It’s interesting to compare Tamara with Paris Hilton, another born-rich girl who gets much publicity and who gives many celebrity upskirts. Most of the negative comments about Paris are related to sex and the insults are words, which I will not repeat here, about women and sex. In contrast, with Tamara, it seems to be all about the money. Just check out this vituperation from the Guardian for an example.

But I don’t care about any of that bullshit envy stuff. The only thing I care about is that Tamara has given us another celebrity upskirt picture and taken care to wear nice panties while doing it.

accidental upskirt of Tamara Ecclestone

celebrity upskirt of Tamara Ecclestone


Katie Price Accidental Celebrity Upskirt

February 28, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

I hate to say it, but the most interesting thing about this Katie Price (Jordan) celebrity upskirt picture is not Katie herself or her boring black panties, even though she seems to have a big untanned spot down there. No, it’s plaid shirt guy with his hands over his face. Who is he and why does he have his hands over his face? Is he saying, “Oh shit Katie, not another “accidental” upskirt for the paps”? Or is he just a shy guy who wants to stay our of the glare of a dozen camera flashes? Most guys you see sitting in the back seat as one woman or other flashes her panties are either stone-faced bodyguard types or the boyfriend/hubby with a goofy grin. If this guy doesn’t want to be seen and photographed, why is her in the car with a pap magnet like her?

Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis had demonstrated that a career can be made from showing your tits. Nipples to riches, a Sun Page Three girl made good. Reading Katie’s entry in wikipedia, it’s really all about her. Her fourth autobiography at age 32? give me a fucking break here. Even her IMDB entry shows her playing herself in all her appearances.

The single most amusing thing I can find is that “During the 2001 British General Election, Jordan ran as a candidate in Stretford and Urmston under her real name using the slogan: ‘For a Bigger and Betta Future’. As part of her comical election campaign, she promised free breast implants, more nudist beaches, and a ban on parking tickets.” We’ll also assume that more paparazzi and clelbrity upskirts for all were also part of her campaign.

Katie Price (Jordan) celebrity upskirt

Lizzie Cundy Accidental Celebrity Upskirt

February 26, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cundy appears to have misplaced her lacy bits in this celebrity upskirt. This may be a second level of accidental upskirt as most pantiless women who are not under the influence of one substance or another don’t plan to show pantiless upskirts. Except for Paris Hilton, of course. Lizzie fans could probably tell me the time and place of her little upskirt “accident” but I really don’t care.

Like so many of these talk and reality show Brits, my first reaction when a friend sent me these Lizzie Cundy upskirts was “who the fuck is she?” And, you know, after a good 30-40 seconds of research, I still don’t know because I’ve never seen her before. And she has a very thin wiki article and one of its multiple issues is that “The notability of this article’s subject is in question.” And her own site does not appear to have been updated for a year. But no matter, he Tweets up a storm.

Every time I see a fringe list TV celebrity, especially Brits, do a pantiless upskirt like Lizzy Cundy here, I’m inclined to guess that her TV ratings have declined and she needs a little boost of publicity, no matter what flavor. And a pantiless celebrity upskirt is definitely my flavor of publicity.

Lizzie Cundy accidenta; upskirt