Accidental Celebrity Upskirt Gisele Bundchen

February 24, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

These are old celebrity upskirt pictures of Gisele Caroline Nonnenmacher Bündchen but I’m running them since she’s been in the news lately. First time I can every remember that a Superbowl losing quarterback’s wife ever publicly lambasted the rest of the team for losing the game, “”My husband can not fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.” She’s a keeper Tom, one of the world’s most beautiful and desirable woman and rich to boot an, most importantly, she’ll defend your ass.

This Gisele Bundchen upskirt shows us how much we want to see something we’re not supposed to see. After all, there are literally thousands of pictures out there of Gisele in Victorie’s Secret panties, and even an Irving Penn nude or two, but an accidental upskirt like this always gets the blood pumping.

Predating the “Kate Effect,” which I told you about, there’s also the Gisele Bundchen Stock Index of clothing manufacturers that she’s promoted. According to wikipedia, “American economist Fred Fuld developed a stock index to measure the profit performance improvement of companies represented by Bündchen compared with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. According to Fuld, the Gisele Bündchen Stock Index was up 15% between May and July 2007, substantially surpassing the Dow Jones Industrial Average which was up just 8.2%.” She is also said to have pioneered “the “horse walk”, a stomping movement created when a model picks her knees up high and kicks her feet out in front.”

Personally, I’m much more interested in the “Gisele Bend.” That’s when a beautiful woman bends over in a short skirt to give all of us perverts and excellent celebrity accidental upskirt.


Gisele Bundchen celebrity upskirt

Gisele bending celebrity up skirt

Kate Middleton Celebrity Upskirt

February 23, 2012 in Celebrity Upskirts

Who cares when or where this celebrity upskirt picture of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge was taken? Accidental upskirt pictures of who The Daily Mail calls “K-Middy” are very rare considering the paparazzi coverage of her so let’s just enjoy this one. It’s a traditional in the car paparazzi shot as opposed to the windblown upskirt I showed you earlier.

Did you know that google reports 161 million hits for “Kate Middleton,” and there’s even a site that tracks what she wears on each public occasion? I went there and they have coats, and dresses, and skirts and blouses and even jeans. But no panties. Not even bras. So, while the Brit media can tell us who designed and made nearly everything Kate wears just hours after she wears it, they are pretty quiet (but not silent) about the checkered panties she’s wearing in this upskirt shot.

My research also told me about the “Kate Effect.” It seems that she wears many clothes that real people can purchase and pretty much everything she wears is immediately sold out of stock. I think it’s very cool that she can support local designers and stores so powerfully without having to say a single word. She can remain uncommercial but still help people sell a ton of clothes. With what we’ve been reading about the intrusiveness of the Brit media with the cell phone hacking stories, I’m very surprised that some enterprising reporter hasn’t found what brands of panties she wears up those skirts. Because I’m certain that one Kate Middleton upskirt would sell a thousand times more panties that a dozen Victoria’s Secret models.

I knew the information had to be out there somewhere so I just googled “Kate Middleton panties.” And sure ’nuff, the ever-sleazy Sun was there with a picture of her lace thong from Goldenpoint. Most unfortunately for all of us, she’s not wearing it in the picture. So just enjoy this Kate Middleton accidental upskirt picture of her no-name panties.

Kate Middleton Celebrity Upskirt Picture


Miss Columbia Catalina Robayo Celebrity Upskirt

October 14, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

This pantyless celebrity upskirt of Miss Columbia, Catalina Robayo, has to be the most (im)famous upskirt since Marilyn. It’s been covered in big newspapers around the world, including the Daily Mail plus a variety of papers and Fox news here. The pantyless upskirt photos even have their own facebook fan page, the modern signal for social relevance. According to the stories, this orange dress incident took place during preliminary events of this year’s Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Some sources say that this is the third time she’s been caught with a pantiless upskirt. Perhaps the “Panties Must Be Worn” sign on the door was written in Portuguese being Brazil and Catalina only reads Spanish. More probably, like a long string of minor celebrities before her, Catalina has figured out that spreading your legs is a sure bet to get ink and publicity is publicity. Now, for the conspiracy theorists out there, the Miss Universe Pageant is owned by Donald Trump and there is no one in the world better at manufacturing publicity that The Donald. Just sayin’….

Catalina’s wiki entry has a couple of interesting factoids. First, she’s a university law student. That surely indicates some intelligence which means hat she knew exactly what she was doing when she wore a short skirt without panties.  Second is that “Prior to competing in Miss Colombia 2010, Robayo was given the chance to represent Valle in Miss Colombia 2009 when the original Miss Valle 2009, Diana Salgado, was forced to resign because ‘her body measures surpassed the normal requirements of the competition’.” WTF?  The google translation of the El Tiempo article that’s referenced is no help.

So after you’ve finished figuring out how a beauty contestant’s body measures surpassed the normal requirements of the competition you can go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Miranda Kerr Celebrity Upskirt

October 14, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

First, I love this celebrity upskirt picture of Miranda Kerr. It’s like the running shot of Emma Watson and the windblown shot of Kate Middleton but here, Miranda is actually doing all the uppie work herself by pulling up her dress. It’s perfect and I bet she had no idea of what she was showing. It’s also perfect because it shows us an unusually large amount of real estate on very nice lacy panties.

Like with so many other of the (minor) celebrities I post here, I had to do a little wiki and IMDB research to learn a little something about Miranda Kerr. Turns out her major claim to fame is as a Victoria’s Secret model, both in the catalogs and on TV shows. So maybe showing us her panties was intentional after all as it’s basically the way Miranda makes her living, showing people her panties that is.

I’ve never been a big Victoria’s Secret fan. An ex-girlfriend used to get the catalogs and they never did much for me erotically. I guess it’s because I prefer my women in sheer bras and panties to have nipples, pubic hair and labial lips. Three little, but incredibly important, body parts that tend to be verboten in Victoria’s world. And even if they didn’t show them, the mere thought of the crotchless panties in the old Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs were more erotic than high-quality pictures of nipple- and labia-less models in the Victoria’s catalogs.

So back to Miranda for a second. At first glance at this picture she reminded me of Nicole Kidman. Miranda’s an Aussie too but it’s probably only a coincidence. Anyway, enjoy Miranda Kerr’s upskirt picture and then go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Tara Reid Celebrity Upskirt

October 12, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

This is just a fucking great celebrity upskirt picture of Tara Reid. Focused, lit, spread, tiny polka dot thong, a little stubble, what more could anyone ask? Yes, her face is turned but with that great crotch shot, who really cares?

I have empathy for Tara, the third of the modern young American female train wrecks along with Britney and Lindsay. She’s had her share of problems and I hope she’s back on the right track with her new movie, American Reunion, the fourth installment of the American Pie series. The movie has apparently not been without its controversies as Tara Tweeted “Don’t believe everthing you read about american reunion its not true its a great movie and everything will come true,” on October 4 but I sincerely hope she has her shit together once and for all.

In the meantime, Tara Reid remains pretty damn hot and I’ll look at full spread celebrity upskirts like this one of her any time. When you’re finished gazing at Tara’s crotch, just go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Brandi Glanville Celebrity Upskirt

October 12, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

I got tired of all the celebrity upskirt pictures of D-List Brit celebs and wanted to find an American for you. And boy did I hit the jackpot with this celebrity upskirt picture of Brandi Glanville. First, it’s a wonderful spread eagle shot of her getting into or out of a car somewhere. Second, she’s wearing some interesting panties, much better than the plain beige nylon jobs we see so often. And third, I can hear you asking, “who the fuck’s Brandi Glanville?” I think I hit the minor celebrity upskirt trifecta with this one guys, good shot, nice panties and she’s so obscure she doesn’t even have her own wiki page.

Her ex-husband Eddie Cibrian the minor actor does, however, have a wiki page. And she does get mentioned on his page. Brandi’s claim to fame is an appearance or two on Housewives of Beverly Hills and her role as the woman scorned in her hubby’s affair and eventual marriage to country crooner LeAnn Rimes. (I’ve always wanted to write “country crooner” in context) You can find out more than you want to know about Brandi on Bravo Network’s site.

Oh damn, this is even better, she’s not an actual Housewife of Beverly Hills, she’s a FRIEND OF THE HOUSEWIVES. Celebrity obscurity has reached a new low. Now I need to go find a E-List Brit to match. And watch for the spread eagle bare pussy shot that’s sure to come as soon as Brandi’s dropped from Housewives. So enjoy her nice little panties and then go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Indira Weiss Celebrity Upskirt

October 10, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

Who the fuck is Indira Weiss and why is she showing us this celebrity upskirt picture of her pussy hair? The short answer according to wiki and IMDB, my usual credible sources, is that she’s a German-Indian actress who’s mostly appeared in German language movies. More importantly, showing people her pussy hair and even more appears to be more of the rule than the exception for Indira. Especially and explicitly her apperance on the cover and inner pages of the February 2011 issue of German Playboy. Click on the thumbnails on the magsarchive page to embiggen them and see that I’m not lying to you.

Looking at the pics from playboy, Indira is way hotter overall than she looks in this uppie. Although, based only on the celebrity upskirt picture, I’d take her home but not to mom. I’d probably show dad a peek.

In an effort to promote fantasy incest, Indira “rose to fame as a member of the R&B/Pop group Bro’Sis” according to wiki and is working on a new album. Fitting in with so many other women on this blog, she’s also a reality TV veteran, in this case, Germany’s Popstars.

So now we all know who Indira Weiss is and you can enjoy her bare pussy upskirt picture and then go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirts and nipslips.

Amanda Seyfried World’s Worst Celebrity Upskirt

October 9, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

Okay, I posted this celebrity of Pippa Middleton as possibly the world’s smallest slice of visible celebrity panty. Now I just found this celebrity upskirt shot of Amanda Seyfried that must be the world’s crappiest celebrity upskirt picture. I think she’s cute and all that and certainly worthy of an upskirt posting on looks alone but this is a really shitty picture. It looks like it was taken from 100 yards away with a cell phone camera and then cropped. It tells us how desperate people appear to be for celebrity upskirt pictures.

It’s a real coal hole up there under her skirt. For all we can’t tell whether she’s wearing a ten-inch dildo in her pussy and a butt plug up her ass or a pair of opaque butt -squeezer granny panties. Thinking of which, I’d be willing to pay a modest amount to see a celebrity upskirt of pretty much any of the women on this blog with a ten-inch dildo in her pussy and a butt plug up her ass. Something like that could pay for a pap’s retirement.

Doing my research on IMDB and wiki, I see that Amanda’s from Allentown and got her start doing soaps. I also see that she’s only one degree of separation from Lindsay Lohan which kinda figures when talking about upskirts.

So try to guess what Amanda’s wearing under that skirt and then go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Emma Watson Running Celebrity Upskirt

October 9, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

Okay boys, if you’re into Harry Potter, here’s some new wet dream fantasy material, a celebrity upskirt of Emma Watson’s full cut white panties. Even if the panties are a bit grandmotherly, I’d prefer a low cut and transparent white lace thong myself, it’s a damn good and difficult shot. If you’ve ever tried go get one of these flying upskirts on a running girl yourself you know that it’s exceedingly hard to get the timing right and to get the goods even halfway in focus, even with good equipment. I’ll even forgive the slight fuzziness of the focus on this one given the technical difficulties of getting the shot at all.

So I’m doing my due diligence on IMDB here and I see the expected Harry Potter, Harry Potter….. And then I popped over to wiki, as I usually do for a few more details as I’m not a Harry Potter fan. As a matter of fact, I think I’m the only guy in America who hasn’t seen or read anything featuring Harry Potter, Star Wars or those fucking little hobbits and I’m proud of that fact. But, from what I’ve gleaned second hand, both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader could kick little Harry’s ass.

So then I go to emmawatson dot com and have a what-the-fuck moment. In the B&W shot at the top she looks like Mary Stuart Masterson used to look when she did all those John Hughes movies back in the 80′s. Seven degrees of separation? Who knows, just enjoy Emma’s sexy white full cut panties and then go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.

Pippa Middleton Celebrity Upskirt

October 8, 2011 in Celebrity Upskirts

Why does the name “Pippa” remind me of “Pippi Longstocking” the Swedish children’s book character? (reading the wikipedia entry on Pippa, she could be a modern celeb as she occasionally gets white around her nose. Amy Winehouse anyone?)

Anyway, back to Pippa or Philippa Charlotte Middleton and this celebrity upskirt picture. I know there are better upskirt pictures of Pippa that show more but I’m showing you this shot for a specific reason. It ties, if not sets, the record for smallest slice of panty crotch on view in a celebrity upskirt picture. I normally like to bring you the spread shots but with this one you’ll just have to use your imagination. And, of course, the only reason why the paps are taking any pictures, yet alone upskirts, of Pippa is because of her big sister Kate the Duchess of Cambridge. While Kate marries a prince Pippa seems to be the family hell-raiser. Which is not necessarily a bad thing because hell-raisers produce more upportunities than good girls.

Fitting between older sister Kate and younger James, Pippa seems to fit right into birth order theories of the second or middle child being the rebellious or wild one: “They are guaranteed to be opposite of their older sibling, but that difference can manifest in a variety of ways. Middle children often feel like their older brother gets all the glory while their younger sister escapes all discipline.” One more thing about Pippa and Kate’s parents, according to wiki, they’re probably about the only straight former flight attendants who married each other and became wealthy through their own hard work rather than marriage to a pilot or passenger.

So enjoy this little celebrity panty peek of Pippa, you can find many more explicit ones with google, and go here for a bunch more celebrity upskirt and nipslip and general nakedness pictures.